Innocents Betrayed 

Innocents Betrayed

Ok, I keep on hoping some of the more popular bloggers out there will view this and recommend it, but something should be said out here on the blogosphere about this movie. So here is my contribution to the cause.

Innocents Betrayed is a powerful documentary which is a must see. It is about genocide in the 20th century. (Some of which is continuing into the 21st century.)

The JPFO put together this 58 minute documentary and it is powerful. In this video they show the progression in country after country around the world of planned genocide/population control, implementation of gun control, and then the murder of the people by the very government that was to protect them. The movie even travels to the USA to see the genocide and racial killings/round ups here, and the effect of gun control in the USA.

Many organizations who try to defend against anti-(jew/black/etc) isms are also anti-guns and their security awareness talks seem to imply that the best thing to do is to report things to the government (eg. FBI) or police and relying on them to protect you. Right now in the USA this is a viable option in many cases, but there is no guarantee that that will always be the case. And in many countries, depending on who/what you are this isn't an option. Self defense needs to be part of the equation even in "safe" countries like the US.

This is a very powerful video that needs more publicity and air time. Unfortunately my understanding is that "unless there is a rebutal added to the end" getting it in the theaters isn't an option. Gee..I never though Stalin and Pol Pot needed a rebuttal. And I don't remember there being a rebuttal at the end of the lies in Blowing for Columbine.

Anway, get the video/dvd and if you can promote it/get it airtime please do.

You can get it from the JPFO website here.
Or from the Gun Owners of America here

Watch it. Share it with others. Be aware.

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