Votes for New Blog Showcase 

Votes for New Blog Showcase

So many blogs, so little time. There are lots of great blogs over on the New Blog Showcase. Here are four that I'm voting for this week.

The ordering actualy is the order that I read them in and isn't a sure indication of favor.

First of there is Irreconcilable Musings with a piece on the blogosphere front on the war on terrorism. Nice links, nice commentary. Good for thought.

Next on the hit parade is Demosophia with a piece on Totalitarianism in the modern era with a nice background. Well written, enjoyable to read and informative. I feel like I learned something and it makes me wish I had a few more history books around (or time to spend in the library. Alas, much of that education has been dimmed by years of computer science, and more brushing up on my part is needed.

My third vote is here at the Captain's Quarters He has a great blog on Zareed Zakaria's writing where he somehow thinks that the whole Musslim/Arab hatred is because of our Christian outlook on things. Anyway, he explains it well. Go check it out.

Lastly, a little less political commentary (although I haven't read all of her blogging) we have ATtheHEARTofIT. This piece is the authors weekend in review. A busy women tells us, with pictures, about the weekend. Nothing shocking and earthshattering, but a real life and an enjoyable read. A nice counterpoint to remind you that there is life out there.

There you go, my votes/recommendations. Go and enjoy.

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