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A gun is a tool as any other tool and enables one to do things that they might not have been able to do otherwise.
Men (and women) of violence will do violence and practice violence whether they have at hand the tool of a gun, a baseball bat, a car, or a plane. The main difference that the gun makes is not in the hand of the violent, as they will do as well without, but that it serves as an equalizer that enables the weaker and gentler ones, who will not or cannot practice to become strong at violence, to defend themselves against the goblins of the world.

Concealed carry permits only apply to those who would obey the law. The current law ensures that their records have not indicated crimes in the past, and that they are willing to come forward and be known by the authority who issues them their permit. One who is likely to do a crime can more easily get and carry a gun without a permit. The black market will provide for them. Then in committing their crime there is no permit to lose. One less thing to worry about. It is those permit holders who have stepped forward to say, yes I will defend myself, my family, and others. I will stand against the goblins of the night. I chose not to bow to the terror but to stand up and defend my home, my family, my country from the stalkers, the terrorists, those that would do ill in the world.

The police do a good service but in the one minute it takes to perform a rape even a speedy cop cannot arrive. The time it takes a knife to slit a throat is measured in seconds, not minutes. The only defense against the immediate threat is to be able to defend oneself. In choosing to take a life the attacker has left the realm of "human" and has chosen to give up his right to life. If s/he is wise s/he will run at the sight of a gun. One less attack one less life taken, or perhaps many less attacks because of the realization that they are not able to rule the night with terror because we will defend ourselves.

Leah's comment on above piece:
The previous piece is my response to the many strange letters I have seen in response to the Colorado concealed carry law. People act as if the permit can be gotten from a bubble gum machine (it can't) and that by allowing law abiding citizens to have guns it makes places less safe (it doesn't) and then they want to find many places that are open assault zones, oh I mean "gun free" zones. Perhaps the above might cause them some thought.

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